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The Australian Veterinary Association Centre for Companion Animals in the Community

The Centre for Companion Animals in the Community has been established by the Australian Veterinary Association as a centre of expertise on companion animal ownership and management.

Companion animals are a valued part of our community.

For thousands of years there has been a close bond between domestic animals and people. Today, the bond is even stronger, with pets of all sorts valued for the companionship they provide and the physical and mental benefits they bring to their owners and the community as a whole.

Nearly two-thirds of Australian households have some kind of pet, and over half have dogs or cats. Recognising the high level of pet ownership in our community, the Centre for Companion Animals in the Community has as its vision "An Australian society which successfully integrates companion animals."

Successful integration of companion animals means working for the best outcomes for pets, pet owners, non-pet owners and the wider community.

You can access high quality information on key animal management issues here, produced by experts in their field. Topics cover the full range of animal management including animal behaviour, urban planning, legislation and policy, public open space, human health and sustainability. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter, access links to other organizations with an interest in companion animals and contact us if you require further information about companion animal management.

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